OVH configuration for addns

DynHOST from OVH are very useful if you have a dynamic IP and want to have a DNS entry always pointing at it. I use a little script called to update the DNS record with my home server external IP. It is a perl script and a configuration file. Once you have installed the script on your machine and have given it permission to execute, you need to create a configuration file. The configuration file must be placed at /etc/addns.conf. The configuration file for addns should be formatted like so:

 server_host =
 update_host =
 detect_method = "webcheck"
 ip_detect_host = ""
 ip_detect_port = 80
 username = "dynDNS username"
 password = "dynDNS password"

Once your script is installed and your configuration file is created, ensure that this script is executed regularly by the cron. Voila the job is done.

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